Life is not only made up of dreams that you dreamed of but also formed of every decision you take every thing in your life

Do not cry for yesterday and do not worry about tomorrow, because today is the real life

People who stop learning will be the owner of the past. Those who still continue to learn will be the future owner.

People who want to continue learning throughout life will become the owner of a better future.

Life is a Process
Life is Learning
With no age limit
Without a word the old
If you fall, stand up again
If you lose, try again
If you failed, recovered
never give up

Until God says
“Time for you to go home”

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. downfall in the life begins with someone underestimate a small problem and The success begins with a small and simple dream 

A problem comes and goes, sometimes piled up in our lives. we wanted to run but did not know where to go. We are so stressed thinking about it, but if we walk in the right direction, amounting whatever problems that come up in our lives, it will not be a problem

Eliminate remorse, change the bad behavior so that more and like Him, continue to rise up despite failing, and totally dependent on God, then our lives are also being transformed.

Face and Outwit any problems that exist when you are strong, because if not they will come back when you are weak

Time never wait for us to do something. but we must do something to pursue to time in this life