Love & Life is a choise. you must choose the best.

Change what you can change and do not change what you can not change

Do not worry with your problem today. Because God is faithful and He will provide a way out for all of our problems.

To be rich, we should have enough sense, gratitude, and a sense of giving in us.

whatever your circumstances today God is always good in your life and God’s plan is always beautiful in your life

God allows temptations, but He does not tempt anyone, because humans are often tested by his own desire. Life is full of examination, and every testing will make us better.

God plan far beyond the most perfect plan that can be planned by humans

Do not worry about your future, because your future is a today. prepare and live your life today well to getting a better future

To achieve success we must dare to dream ͵ act ͵ and sacrifice.

No one can make you feel inferior, if you yourself do not let it. You do not have to worry about where you step when you know that God is with you.

No one interchangeable back into the past and start again like new. But anyone can start today and the new things creates new ending …

Focused life will bring us to a simple lifestyle and schedule a more reasonable time. Impossible to do everything to please everyone, we only have enough time to do what God wants and pleases Him.

How capable man control his mind so far as he also will have a more optimal live

omnipotence of God gives us courage. God’s faithfulness gives us peace

Hadiah tak selalu terbungkus dengan indah. Kadang Tuhan membungkus hadiah itu dengan sebuah masalah, tapi di dalamnya tetap ada berkat yang indah.